A fresh approach to the collection: The Met’s mobile tour Body Language: Viewpoints

Staci Hou, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Staci Hou, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Nina Diamond, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Catherine Girardeau, Earprint Productions, USA, Jason Reinier, Earprint Immersive, Inc, USA

How can an art museum best use an existing media platform to inspire a fresh interaction with works of art? Leveraging the existing Audio Guide, the Met’s mobile tour, Body Language: Viewpoints, explores varied sculptures in the permanent collection through the rich and timeless lens of body language.

This multimedia tour features unscripted, sometimes playful interviews with curators, educators, as well as “outside experts,” including dancers, choreographers, neuroscientists, and an American Sign Language user. Each considers the power of gesture and the body’s expression in diverse ways. The tour also seeks to encourage further conversations for both in-gallery and online visitors through educational programming and web platforms.

The project’s producer, writer, and production collaborator share vivid examples of the tour’s unique approach, describe the methods and process of the project, and suggest how the strategy behind the content design might be applied at other institutions.