A Creative Confluence: When Educational Products & Youth Programming Collide

Professional Forum
Sofie Andersen, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Sofie Andersen, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Hillary Cook, Art Institute of Chicago, USA, Chelsea Kelly, Milwaukee Art Museum, USA, Barry Joseph, Barry Joseph Consulting, USA

Can combining youth programming with educational product development through digital media disrupt existing museum practices? How do we align the goals for a youth development program with the goals and cycles of product development? And how do we measure the institutional and societal impact of GLAM programming for teens?

Panelists from The Art Institute of Chicago, The Milwaukee Art Museum and The American Museum of Natural History will start off the session with a quick fire round of ‘elevator pitches’ soliciting feedback from the judges in the audience. Then we’ll explore their respective programs and digital solutions, and consider how teen views inform the product development and steerage of their initiatives. The session will finish up with a lively discussion of these questions, as well as considering the value of making teen contributions public and weighing that aim alongside program and institutional aims.


The Art Assignment (John Green and Sarah Green)


YouMedia - digital learning labs at libraries/museums, examples: YouMedia Chicago (first), Hirschhorn ArtLab+ - Funded by the MacArthur Foundation

Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out by Mimi Ito et al - framework and research for youth programming related to technology

Wallace Foundation “Something to Say” report - out-of-school-time research on successful arts education programming (transferrable to other disciplines)