BoW Title: Watch Movement Assembling App
Institution: Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, Croatia
Designer: Petra Milovac, Jelena Markić Glavaš, Nataša Cvrlje
Category: Innovative / Experimental

An interactive application which provides the experience of watchmaking was created for the exhibition A Century of the Wristwatch (Vesna Lovrić Plantić, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, 2014). A real watch was chosen and disassembled by a professional watchmaker and the tiny pieces were photographed. Afterwards the design and the program were carefully thought trough, taking into account each step of the real process. Besides education and engaging the visitor, the goal was to preserve a rare skill, part of our non-material cultural heritage. The application was created with volunteer effort/no budget.



watch app


watch app 2