BoW Title: Visit USHMM
Institution: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Category: Mobile

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.

Visit USHMM mobile app was launched in 2014 to allow visitors to get the most out of their Museum experience before, during, and after your visit.

The app includes:

My Visit: Create your own itinerary from exhibitions and events specific to the day of your visit.
Personal Stories: Explore the stories of individuals who experienced the Holocaust and refer to them throughout your visit. Discover more through items in our collections, including family photographs, personal artifacts, and videos of Holocaust survivors recounting their stories.
Reflect and Share: Revisit sections of the Permanent Exhibition and explore multimedia relating to the ID cards. Leave comments and share with others.
Stay Connected: Receive updates through the app and share your feedback with Museum staff.