BoW Title: #svegliamuseo
Institution: #svegliamuseo
Category: Museum Professional

Founded in October 2013, #svegliamuseo is an experimental project to “wake up” Italian museums online, leveraging the power of the Web to generate network effect. Today, #svegliamuseo functions as a container for ideas and resources, prompting communities and experts from all over the world to start a dialogue about digital media in the museum field.

The #svegliamuseo team is a group of young professionals with strong backgrounds in the cultural and museum fields who believe in the importance of an integrated and strategic use of digital tools for communication and interpretation. They understand the difficulties and barriers that museums face every day and their goal is to trigger a change, despite the economic and structural difficulties of the context in which institutions operate.

Through their well-researched blog posts, social media posts, Google Hangout sessions with social media experts from around the world, and free consultations with museums, #svegliamuseo creates many opportunities for learning and exchange. Their goal is to diffuse the idea that, to be really revolutionary and effective, digital tools should strongly resonate with the specific institutions and their targets, along with the cultural, politic and economic environment in which they operate. By utilizing all the mediums they preach, they are making that goal a reality to all who “wake up” and listen.

Below are screenshots of some of their offerings.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 1.43.25 PM

screenshot of #svegliamuseo website


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Screenshot of #svegliamuseo twitter stream


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#svegliamuseo ebook

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#svegliamuseo YouTube stream Hangouts videos