BoW Title: Pilot Pals
Institution: National Air and Space Museum
Designer: National Air and Space Museum with Bean Creative
Category: Mobile

Pilot Pals Stemming from the National Air and Space Museum’s dedication to serving the needs of young learners both in the museum and online, Pilot Pals, the first iPad app introduces players in its target age group of 4–6 to introductory concepts inline to the mission of the museum: weather, airplane construction, rockets; as well as basic learning standards such as size, shape, and pattern. Its use of engaging and friendly animation is clearly the result of a deep knowledge of this age user.

The interactive makes privacy and data usage information clear and present.

Finally, the interactive was designed not only to be played via download, but is also accessible within the museum on provided computers and mobile devices.

Games and Features:
• Make Pilot Pals Yours: Name your hangar, choose your Pilot Pal, and select an outfit.
• Connect the Gears: Put the gears into the airplane or autogiro so your Pilot Pal is ready to go flying.
• Fly through the Weather: Find out what kinds of weather are good for flying in the Weather game as you help your Pilot Pal fly 10 miles back to your hangar.
• Launch a Rocket: Get ready for liftoff! Stack the stages of the rocket on the launch pad in the Rocket Stacking game.
• Build Your Airplane: Choose a plane to build and fly in the Airplane Parts game. With all the parts in the right places, your Pilot Pal will be ready to fly!
• Play Again: Use the reset button on the home screen to rename your hangar, pick another Pilot Pal, and choose a different outfit.