BoW Title: Insight stations and digital canvas
Institution: Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Category: Digital Exhibition

Inaugurated in September 2014, insight stations bring to life the physical contents of seven of the galleries in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. They include an interactive timeline for the gallery What are human rights; two insight stations for the gallery Indigenous Perspectives; three insight stations featuring the Canadian Journey gallery in 3D; four insight stations in the gallery Examining the Holocaust; five insight stations featuring a large video collection for the gallery Breaking the Silence; four insight stations for the gallery Turning Points for Humanity, and finally two insight stations for the gallery Actions Count.

All insight stations offer a variety of content. There are moving stories, testimonials and photo and video archives. Each interface has been designed to harmonize with the exhibition’s design and offers intuitive touch navigation. Interactivity and manipulation of content allow visitors to discover themes, carry out their research in depth, or simply filter content by type or by interest.

With the interactive stations, has also delivered an application that controls a huge projection called the Digital Canvas. This projection is nearly 20 feet high and 100 feet wide. It presents six short videos related to the themes of the Canadian Journey gallery, punctuated by a grid of portraits. This application brings the content to life in a random order of presentation. It controls the transition effects as well as the projection on four walls at different angles. The end result achieved is an immersive environment for visitors to the largest gallery of the museum.

A particular feat that this ambitious project achieved was to comply fully with the AAA accessibility standard while at the same time creating and delivering immersive, rich media and highly interactive experience, making this project an international reference.

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