BoW Title: Destination Indiana
Institution: Indiana Historical Society
Designer: Plow Digital
Category: Research / Collections Online

The Destination Indiana website takes 3,000 of the Indiana Historical Society’s (IHS) most illuminating historic images and arranges them into more than 320 spellbinding narratives that tell Indiana’s 200-year heritage simply and beautifully.

These stories are what set Destination Indiana apart from other sites, and offer teachers, students and life-long learners a broader, richer scope of materials, more meaningful context, and a greater potential impact on the citizens of Indiana.

When compared with other digital image repositories, Destination Indiana’s narrative form adds a unique level of accessibility that benefits experienced and novice researchers alike, and our search feature offers more than matches found on the site; it also includes results from IHS’s digital collection of more than 50,000 photos and historic documents, seamlessly linking two substantive bodies of content.

Stories are written by a wide range of content experts under the guidance of a single managing editor, who supervises the work’s quality and standardizes its narrative voice. More than 20 new stories are added annually, and typically include more than150 new images that come directly from our collections or are newly acquired from alternative sources, including donated works from individuals, local history organizations and commercial entities.

For practical and economic reasons, the site’s content is composed of two seamlessly blended data sets: IHS’s digital image catalog and supplemental metadata stored in the site’s tables. This is accomplished using the digital repository’s API and URI structures, which together produce the site’s beautifully intuitive interface, as well as an easy-to-use administrative control panel for creating, editing, and managing the public-facing side of the site.

All of the imagery used on the site has been specially licensed for personal and educational reuse using a framework developed by IHS for this application. Visitors who create accounts can freely download an unlimited number of high-quality, high-resolution digital copies to use in their own lesson plans, school projects and other creative activities. Developed in close collaboration with Indiana’s public school teachers, the site’s licensing model is specifically designed to demonstrate the rights and responsibilities associated with fair reuse to students.

We measure Destination Indiana’s success by looking at its outreach and happily report that in the 30 days since the site’s launch, our visitors viewed our images more than 150,000 times.

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