BoW Title: Design Museum website
Institution: Design Museum
Designer: Fabrique
Category: Long-lived

The Design Museum has a long history of online presence. The website has regularly been adapted and renewed. Ahead of the relocation and temporary closure the website has been renewed to meet current standards and to stand out and serve visitors seamlessly with practical information, but also to inspire the public and involve them in design. A website which fits the mission of the museum: ‘To create the most inspiring, exciting and engaging Design Museum in the world.’


The website serves 80% of the visitors who want practical information quickly such as opening times, ticket sales and route. To the other 20% of the visitors we offer inspiration, and involve them in the museum with magazine style stories about design and designers.


The modular pages are practical, and with full-screen photos, they are also very visual. A site which presents design and architecture in your face. We expressed the layered nature of design by having titles, buttons, text and images slide over one another. The yellow highlights give the design a tension. And to get rid of the humble image of the museum, the site shows multiple strong quotes like “some day other museums will be showing this stuff”.


The entire website of the unsubsidised museum is action-oriented. The web shop offers unique limited editions and special products. And using questions and assignments, we invite the 1 million Twitter followers of the museum to make a contribution themselves.

The result

A renewed fully responsive website; visual and inviting, with sturdy tablet-first buttons and high resolution retina display images. But at the same time a website with a refined style which puts the rich content on a pedestal. The renewed combines practical information seamlessly with inspiration and commercial objectives. Ready for the physical museum to re-open on its new location.

Design Museum


Design Museum Paul Smith interview


Design Museum shop online


The renewed website of the Design Museum was created by the Dutch agencies Fabrique and Q42, famous for their renewal of Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum websites.