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Category: Museum Professional

Project CODE | WORDS is an experimental discursive publishing project that gathers a diverse group of leading thinkers and practitioners to explore emerging issues concerning the nature of museums in light of the dramatic and ongoing impact of digital technologies on society.

Project CODE│WORDS is an effort to gather and harness the discourse occurring among the museum technology community, the quantity and quality of which have grown and matured tremendously over the past decade. Conversations online and at conferences regularly tackle challenging questions regarding the identity of museums, their roles in society, their responsibilities to serve a global public, and the nature of collecting, preservation, education, scholarship, primary research, and ethics in a digital age. While the influence of these ideas is widespread among the immediate community of practitioners, they are not always shared more broadly throughout the field, limiting their utility. In spite of this, those discussions are beginning to inspire change in many museums and are demonstrating the important relationship between emerging digital practices and museum theory. CODE│WORDS aims to explore ways to spread new ideas, and to engage the global community of museum professionals in exploring how we respond to challenges and opportunities digital technologies present.

A core aim of Project CODE | WORDS is to utilise online publishing platforms and collaborative technologies to foster a broad conversation around emerging theories of digital museum practice. The focus of the Project will be a collection of essays, published on Medium, with the most interesting of these later developed for a print publication.

An initial list of expert authors was chosen to start the conversation and provide essays offering their perspectives. However, it is hoped that the dialogue will not end there, but rather, that diverse participants from across the museum sector will also choose to engage in this discussion, writing essays of their own, or developing the dialogue further in other ways. Youare invited to share your expertise, your ideas, and your experiences with a global audience of interested peers.