BoW Title: Biofractal e-Museum
Institution: Biofractal e- Museum
Designer: In-House
Category: Research / Collections Online

Biofractal e-Museum is a pioneer museum of transdisciplinary research  and complexity art and aesthetics jointly with biodiversity aesthetics launched in 2015 on line and developed at the intersection with natural and exact sciences, emerging technologies, nature and animal studies.

BiofractaLab Museum CollectionThe museum presents in 3 main collections and 3 sub-collections original content that is displayed on the online platform for museums, galleries and archives of Google Open Gallery, which is accessed by invitation only.

Superstructures of parallel blocksEmbryoChaos geometry in NatureBioartificial cellsOrganic Colour Shape


This platform allows digital content organized by sections and panels where visitors can access a variety of contexts, allowing search and discover themes and content by incorporating details of metadata on each image, which helps tell stories and explore powerful zoom guided image details accompanying documentation concerning the processes in which they are inserted.

morphological elements of natural fractals, Tablet vision

morphological elements of natural fractals, Tablet vision

Process of PhysimorphismePhysi-Morph IV

Biofractal e- Museum presents in six initial collections points of interest around their own sources of research conducted between 1987 and 2015 and the complementary fieldwork  in the Mediterranean Sea and Lanzarote Island in Spain and  Algerian desert.

Physimorphisme, AR, MR & Aesthetics of Biodiversity Collection

The museum’s collections are designed to offer the visitor the information necessary to explore and understand a variety of complex processes taking place in nature and in the creation and development of their images in the water and land, in human interaction – not human with living beings through their natural language that allow design thinking in the aesthetic realm and interacting with new technological devices that bring new life forms that did not exist prior to the emerging new fields and areas of intersection, as well as complexity and biodiversity aesthetics of species.

Classical art

Physi-Morph, Mobile vision

Physi-Morph, Mobile vision 

Road Bears

The dissemination of collections Biofractal e-Museum, research and database is intended for a wide audience can access  their content from the website and new technological devices, the visitor may be able to browse its collections from the tablet and mobile.