BoW Title: Automatic Museum Guide by use of CMS and BLE-beacons
Institution: Locatify
Designer: Leifur Björn Björnsson
Category: Innovative / Experimental

Automatic Museum Guide

The latest technology for museums

The Automatic Museum Guide is a revolutionary technology for museums, which provides visitors navigation, guidance and narration by the use of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. With the Automatic Museum Guide visitors get an unforgettable and rich experience. Video.

Tested and proven       

Automatic Museum Guide is already in use in Eldheimar museum in Iceland.

How is it used?

The Automatic Museum Guide is an app for smart phones and tablets. The app detects where a visitor is located and when visitor approaches pre-set objects (artifacts) it plays the corresponding guidance which can be in a form of an audio, a video or a text. It can be used on visitor’s device or on mobile devices which are available in museums. With Automatic Museum Guide visitors can see a venue map and their location (blue circle) at any time, which is calculated in triangulations from signals from many beacons.

Technology used

Indoor Activation and Venue

To determine visitor location indoor Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmitters which we place in museums are used. Installation of the BLE transmitters is easy, fast and requires minimal maintenance. BLE technology is the latest trend for determination of the location indoor.

Outdoor Activation and Map

To determine visitor’s location outdoor Global Positioning System (GPS) is used.

Easy usage

The app is easy to use and it doesn’t require a visitor to press any buttons. The narration is played automatically when visitor approaches the pre-set objects (artifacts). Content for areas and artifacts can be added, changed or removed through user-friendly content management system (Creator CMS). Museum’s personnel can be trained to use it in very short time. Video.