BoW Title: Art Stories Milan_The Sforza Castle
Institution: Art Stories srl
Designer: Art Stories srl
Category: Education

A Renaissance Castle in the heart of Milan: discover its secrets and beauty, as told by the Sforza characters and by Leonardo da Vinci. Listen and play with Art Stories digital guide, when visiting the Castle or lying on your sofa!

Fun interactive features:

– Design your emblem!

– Practice pallacorda!

– Look for the elephant!

– Decorate with gold and lapis lazuli!

– Dress up the duke and the duchess!

Technology and story-telling get together in Art Stories, promoting Italian cultural heritage in an innovative way, offering families a light and easy tool to interact with art and history. Cultural heritage, the core of Art Stories, becomes an active element in children’s education to beauty and arts. Art Stories promotes a cultural tourism more attentive to the needs of children, going from major cities to smaller towns, wherever good stories lie. The project is not only designed for families but also addressed to primary schools as a didactic tool.



More details

  • 3 discovery tours: for those in a hurry, for those who have plenty of time, for stories lovers
  • 12 historical characters and their point of views on the facts
  • original illustrations
  • interactions and games (no scores – no stress)
  • Integrated texts and voices for best legibility (for hearing/visually impaired users also)
  • Best for primary school children but perfect for younger children as well
  • No ads
  • No in-app purchase