BoW Title: Art Stories Milan_Duomo
Institution: Art Stories srl
Designer: Art Stories srl
Category: Education

3159 statues and 135 spires; 2 churches before it; 1 emperor for its inauguration; 600 years for building it: the Duomo of Milan tells us its history with numbers and details revealing actual and past events. Listening to the grumpy gargoyles voices and to Napoleon’s French accent, painting the famous glass panels or building the ancient site, kids discover the Duomo history and architecture.

After the Sforza Castle published last spring, the Duomo is the second Art Stories release. Art Stories apps take children by the hand and lead them, in a new, amusing and fascinating way, through historical sites in Italian cities.

Art Stories apps are for tablet and smartphone, designed for children under 10 and parents who look for an engaging tool to explore beautiful and interesting sites in Italy. Featuring original illustrations, games and interactions with no stress, exciting histories and hilarious voices (in Italian and English), Art Stories can be used both by kids and adults who wish to look at cities with new eyes.

Technology and story-telling get together in Art Stories, promoting Italian cultural heritage in an innovative way, offering families a light and easy tool to interact with art and history. Cultural heritage, the core of Art Stories, becomes an active element in children’s education to beauty and arts. Art Stories promotes a cultural tourism more attentive to the needs of children, going from major cities to smaller towns, wherever good stories lie. The project is not only designed for families but also addressed to primary schools as a teaching tool.