BoW Title: 1840s GIF Party at Tate Britain
Institution: Tate
Designer: Tate Digital
Category: Social Media

The 1840s GIF Party was a digital mass participatory project that invited members of the public (notably the Tumblr community) to transform selected artworks from the 1840s gallery at Tate Britain into animated GIFs. The 500+ submissions were then shown in the gallery alongside the original artworks at a Late at Tate event, with over 2,500 visitors.


Key highlights:

  • 587 submissions from members of the public
  • One public submission was re-blogged over 100,000 times and voted as one of Tumblr’s top GIFs of 2014
  • As well as submitting GIFs to the project, participants also generated additional content, including blog posts, website updates across their own platforms
  • Over 100 websites and blogs including BuzzFeed, Yahoo!, El Palais sited the project and promoted the opportunity to take part
  • As well as the call for submission existing on Tate Collectives Tumblr, other online communities picked up and re-posted the opportunity including DS106, Giffight and Giphy
  • The Tate Collectives Tumblr received 28,000 visits in the month of the project, with 12,000 visits on one day alone
  • Tate Collective’s Tumblr increased by 25,000 followers throughout the project

A detailed evaluation report was conducted to analyse the impact of the project, both in terms of measuring traffic to Tate’s online collection but also to track the journey of Tate’s artworks on Tumblr.

Tumblr virality Traffic to the webTumblr viarlity 2

Following the success of the 1840s GIF Party, Tate has embedded digital participation into its 2015 programme and most recently invites the public to make memes or emojify artworks from the 1540 gallery.